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Add Button.chat Contact to your site. Use messaging services to communicate with your customers and keep in touch with them even after they leave your website.

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What is it?

Button.chat Contact is a website widget that helps you engage potential customers by facilitating direct contact via messaging systems (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, direct call, etc.).

The installation is simple; you can do it yourself or send the installation code to your webmaster.


  • Works on desktop and mobile devices;
  • Compatible with all CMS and all types of websites;
  • Fast and lightweight;
  • Continuous updates and improvements;
  • Free assistance;
  • GDPR compliant;
  • White-label: resell the service under your own name or brand.


  • New feature: You can now create a custom button that opens an internal or external link to your website;
  • We have added the option to disable the welcome window or postpone its appearance;
  • The Facebook page ID is no longer required (Facebook Messenger can be used independently);

Main services

Button.chat Contact allows messaging via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (message and call), phone SMS, phone direct dialling, and e-mail.

Further services will be provided in future.

Custom button is now available

Increase visitor engagement on your website with the personalised button.
It allows you to open an internal or external link to promote a specific page, request newsletter subscription, or highlight special offers.

Change how it looks

Button.chat Contact can be customised with a welcome message popup.
You can choose whether to show the message or how long it should appear, adjust the colour to match your site, and arrange it on the right or left.

For one website
Only 3 euro/month
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Starting from less than 1 euro/month per site

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We are excited about your interest. We are dedicated to this project continuously and with passion adding new features and we will be happy   to receive your suggestions to improve it even more. We are also available for customizations and implementations of our widget in your projects. Contact us, we can work together...

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