Cookino for your website

Do you know what this window is? Cookino is our cookie policy widget, but what sets it apart from others is how straightforward it is.
Its sole purpose is to enable cookie-using scripts only with site users' permission.

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Why use Cookino?

It's cheap, and you can activate it for a few bucks; it's simple, and you can add it to your site with a line of code and a little tweaking.
You get free installation and configuration assistance, and it is GDPR compliant, so you don't have to update your cookie policy.

Simply copy and paste the code into your website template to get started.


  • Works on desktop and mobile devices;
  • Compatible with all CMS and all types of websites;
  • Fast and lightweight;
  • Free updates;
  • GDPR compliant;
  • It doesn't record any information about your visitors.

What he looks like

Button.chat Cookino displays as a window the first time the user accesses it. It includes a message (preset or customised) that briefly describes what it is, a link to the cookie policy, and two buttons that allow the user to grant or deny cookie-consent.

How to install

By purchasing the licence from our shop, you gain access to a section where you can customise the appearance of the widget. If you do not want any customisation, simply enter the URL of your cookie policy. The system will generate a code that must be copied and pasted into the website's pages.

How does it work?

The first time the user accesses the site, the Cookino window appears. If the user closes it without making a decision, it will appear again on the next visit or on the next page. In this case the scripts and cookies will not be activated. Only if the user agrees, the window will close and the scripts will be activated. Once the user has made his choice, the window will disappear, but through a button he can view it again, see the status of the consent and change it if necessary.

How does Cookino block cookies?

By making a minor adjustment to the website scripts, Cookino will recognise them and allow them to run only with the user's permission.

Learn more about using Cookino to prevent scripts and cookies.

How can I verify that the scripts were properly blocked?

Making these adjustments to your website is simple, but Cookino has a debugging option that you can enable to identify which scripts have been blocked and which have not, allowing you to understand if its function has been configured correctly.

Cookino is now in Beta, but it has already received thousands of views during its testing on dozens of selected websites.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about Cookino.

What does it cost?

For one website
Only 3 euro/month
Promo on packages from 5 websites
From 2 euros/month per site

Do you want to give it a shot?

We are excited about your interest. We are dedicated to this project continuously and with passion adding new features and we will be happy to receive your suggestions to improve it even more. We are also available for customizations and implementations of our widget in your projects. Contact us, we can work together...

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