Updates and news (changelog)

We are continuously working to improve our services, and this page provides all of the most recent news and improvements to our widgets.
Please contact us if you have encountered any problems or would like to help us improve the service with your comments.


News and updates about Button.chat Contact.

Button.chat Contact - Version 2 - november 2023

  • New faster and optimized version. Improved the creation and editing system to prevent data entry errors. No bugs found. ;-)

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.9.1 - may 2022

If your site has a version older than August 2021, you must change the code to use the new features. To update the code, go to "my account > Your Widgets", click on the   code icon for your website, and then replace the old code with the new one.

  • Bugfix:  Fixed a problem with the WhatsApp link that stopped it from launching  by displaying the message "This link is incorrect."
    If the code on your site was created after August 20, 2021, there is no need to update it (from version 1.7 onwards).

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.9 - august 2021

  • Improved  functionality: the welcome message popup now appears just once during  the session (if you visit other pages of the site after the first one,  it remains closed, if you leave the site and the session expires, it  will reopen on the next visit).

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.8 - august 2021

  • Various code improvements to make development and debugging easier;

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.7 - august 2021 

  • Improvements to the code and compatibility;

If  you have one of the following versions installed on your site and want  to keep receiving free updates, you must update the code.

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.6 - March 2020

  • Improved iOS compatibility for opening the message app and initiating a direct call;
  • The font displayed on iOS and Mac has been improved;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented correct operation on previous iOS versions;
  • Now, when you open a direct call or send an SMS on a phone with a small screen, a button appears;
  • Improved the display of the widget during loading;
  • Website  update: added the ability to display a working preview of the widget as  it will look on your website to the site administration system.

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.5 - February 2020

  • New feature: You can now include a custom graphic button that opens an internal or external link to your website;
  • The widget now loads the Facebook plugin only when the visitor clicks on the button;
  • Various code and performance improvements.

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.4 - February 2020

  • Code and performance improvements.

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.3 - February 2020

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the popup from closing on some IOS and Safari configurations;
  • No longer required to provide the Facebook page ID (you may also use Facebook Messenger alone);
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.2 - February 2020 

  • Added the ability to remove the welcome popup or delay its opening;
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.1 - February 2019

  • The  "White-label" option was added for web agencies or people who want to  resell the service. Now you may substitute our name with yours/agency  and add a link to agency's website;
  • If you do not include a logo in the welcome message, the symbol now matches the colour you selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of custom color for the main button on some configurations.

Button.chat Contact - Version 1.0 - October 2019

  • First release. 


News and updates about Button.chat Cookino.

Button.chat Cookino (Beta) - Version 1.2 - October 2021

  • First release.


News and updates about Button.chat ShowUp.

Button.chat ShowUp  - Version 1.0 - October 2020

  • First release.